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Omicron has started with an objective of solution provider and now we are confident that we are achieving it by our continuous innovation & quality enhancement process. This is also reflected by the faith put by our valued customers in us with their regular repeated orders.Our Commitment to service is driven by the belief that every customer must be a satisfied customer, which in itself is the best achievement.
  • Pressure Gauges
    Pressure Gauges india,Mechanical Pressure Gauges manufacturers
    Omicron Mechanical Pressure Gauges represent the industry standard and are designed to provide lasting service in extreme operating conditions when properly applied.
  • Pressure Switches
    pressure switches manufacturers,pressure switch mumbai
    Omicron Pressure Switches are used to provide on/off switching from a pneumatic or hydraulic source. The switches are designed to make contact either on pressure rise or on pressure fall.
  • Pressure Transmitters
    pressure transmitters | pressure instrument india,pressure transducers manufacturers
    Omicron pressure transmitters convert an applied pressure into an electrical signal which is sent to other devices that interpret this electrical signal and use it to display, record and/or change the process pressure.
  • Temperature Instruments
    temperature instrument | temperature gauges suppliers,temperature transducers pune
    Omicron Temperature Instruments represent the industry standard and are designed to provide lasting service in extreme operating conditions when properly applied, giving you the best accuracy.
  • Humidity Instruments
    Humidity instrument dealers,humidity instrument manufacturers mumbai
    Omicron’s thin film capacitive relative humidity sensors features excellent linearity, low hysteresis, fast response times, and high chemical resistance with accuracies of upto 1.6%.
  • Flow Instruments
    Flow instrument | Flow Switches manufacturers | Flow Transmitter india
    Omicron has a wide range of products to measure and control the flow of solids, liquids and gases mechanically as well as electronically.
  • Datalogger
    Datalogger mumbai | Data loggers india
    Omicron data loggers are small, battery powered, portable electronic devices that records data over time with built in sensors or via external instruments and sensors.
  • Level Instruments
    Level instrument | level switch | Level Transmitters suppliers,level switch manufacturers,level transmitter suppliers
    Omicron has a variety of level sensors for point level detection of solids and liquids with high accuracy and repeatability with optional multipoint switching contacts.
  • HVAC / BMS Sensors
    Hvac sensors mumbai | bms sensors | Hvac & Bms sensors manufacturers
    Gauges for HVAC applications are low cost, diaphragm operated, mechanical differential pressure gauges that can be used in applications for measuring positive, negative, or differential pressure with an accuracy of 2%.
  • Indicators & Controllers
    Indicators & Controllers instrument mumbai
    Omicron Indicators & controllers are user programmable to display parameters in any desired engineering units. They are available with a variety of options including dual programmable relays for alarm or control applications.
  • Portable Instruments
    portable instrument manufacturers
    Omicron’s handheld instruments are light weight and pocket sized, made with the latest technology are easy to operate and can measure multiple parameters with high accuracy and reliability.
  • Air Quality Sensor
    Indoor Air Quality Sensor mumbai,air qiality transmitter india
    Omicron's this sensor is designed for comprehensive monitor over indoor air condition. It's responsive to a wide scope of harmful gases, as carbon monixide, alcohol, acetone, thinner, formaldehyde and so on.
  • Water Quality Sensor
    Water level sensor | water quality sensor,water quality sensor mumbai,water quality detector india
    Omicron’s Water Quality Sensors are rugged, industrial grade sensors designed for direct immersion or insertion into water streams.
  • Accessories
    Valves | Ball Valves manufacturers,valves suppliers india
    Omicron’s Pressure accessories include an entire range of accessories used to aid pressure measurement while permitting accurate measurements and increasing the product life of the sensors.
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